My name is Nigel Peacock. I am British. The name of the blog perhaps gives that away.

In May 2018, I set out on another of my ‘Trips of a Lifetime’. I don’t believe in just single lifetime trips, as you will discover

Over the next weeks and months, I hope to document my travels by Hymer motor-home, wherever they take me.

The plan is fluid. Very fluid. I retired from nine to five work in April, a few weeks after I reached bus pass age.

In addition to my travels by Hymer, I have a weakness. Tea shops. I intend to discover tea shops across the UK and in to Europe and publish mini-reviews. I’ll visit villages and towns and let you know what I think of them. And all of the wonderful attractions, natural and otherwise, the world can throw my way.

And, there is the main blog. A regular look at where I have been, what has interested and amused me, plus no doubt, some weird and wonderful situations I manage to find along the route.

Thank you for even reading this far and if you would like some more, then start with the blog, a tea shop or two and discover some of the places I have visited along the way.

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