Devil’s Bridge

Devil’s Bridge
Kirkby Londsale

A Brit Visited: Sunday 29 April 2018

It is said, that the devil himself visited the bridge and left his hand-print in the stones which surround the base.

Today, this ancient bridge is a popular meeting point for bikers and one of the parking areas is specifically reserved for them at the weekends. Whether they come for the views from the bridge or the rather excellent burger van, only they can tell you.

The bridge is set in a beautiful area, close to Kirkby Lonsdale town and there is additional car parking across the road from the bikers lot. That car park is free and there is no indication that overnight stays are banned. In fact, there was one motorhome there looking as if were about to settle for the duration.

Woodclose Park where I stayed, is a five minute walk from Devil’s Bridge.

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