Day 1: And So It Starts

Friday 11 May 2018
Penrith to Grenta

This morning, I gave the house a final clean, locked the doors and returned the keys to the agent. As of noon today, I am officially of ‘no fixed address’. Well, in truth I am registered at an address for all the obvious reasons, but won’t be visiting there for a while.

There is an old suggestion when starting a journey, turn left or turn right and see where the world takes you. In truth, had I turned right, I’d be stuck ten houses down at the wrong end of a cul-de-sac, so left it was.

My new to me motor-home, a 19 year old Hymer Swing has gradually become my home on wheels, as I loaded the final bits and pieces on Thursday night. Technically, my journey started on Thursday as I slept in the van. However, as the wheels were yet to turn, I don’t think that counts.

The left turn plus a couple of others, took me to the A6 in Penrith, the town which has been my home since July 2016. Much as Penrith is a lovely town, I am not sad to be leaving it behind.

A rough plan is in place. Head north in to Scotland and drive up the west coast, stopping wherever the mood takes. The plan is sufficiently rough, that I only booked a campsite for the night, early this morning. First stop, Grenta Green.

There are two separate towns next to each other, Grenta and Gretna Green.

I headed for the tourist trap, the famed wedding location at Gretna Green. The story is well known, as the place just north of the English border, where couple unable to marry in England eloped and tied the knot over a blacksmith anvil.

The first overnight stop of my indefinite tour, was to be at Braids Caravan Park, a mile down the road in Gretna.

Setting up on pitch J1 was straightforward, except for a very twisted and kinked-up electric cable. I think a reel of some sort may be needed.

The rain came down steadily for several hours, with a re-assuring pitter-patter on the roof of the Hymer.

Supper done and dusted, time for the first real night away.

Wish me well !

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