Day 5: Hack, hack, hack . . .

Day 5:
Tuesday 15 May 2018
New Abbey to Castle Douglas
Fortunately, Sweethearts Abbey lacks any bells to wake up the population. In fact, it lacks, windows and a roof and isn’t in the best of health.
Half a dozen vans overnight, but little interaction with the neighbours.
The past 24 hours have been rather frustrating, as some kind person, hacked the website and put up some fairly unpleasant content. The support people for the site were only moderately helpful, but eventually it all went away. This meant I had to re-write a fair number of articles which had been hijacked and am only now beginning to surface.
Put a few more miles on the Hymer today and headed for Dumfries. Some attractive bridges cross the river in the town, or is Dumfries a city?
Dumfries was the home of the Robert Burns, Scotland’s National Bard. Needless to say, the town (city?) majors on the association with the Burns Trail.|
The trail is a walking tour of Dumfries and takes in such places as Robert Burns House and the Burns Centre, which is dedicated to the memory of the man.
Unfortunately, the centre was closed for a couple of days while a new exhibition is prepared, so I made do with taking a walk around at least part of the trail instead.
Having spent the past three nights away from campsites and saving the pennies, tonight I aimed for the council owned site in Castle Douglas. The intent was to both dump waste water, the ‘other’ waste and top up with fresh water.
There was also time to use the site laundry. The washing machine was fine, but the drier was a waste of time, space and £2.00. After tumbling, the clothes seemed only a little drier than when they went in and were barely warm. As I travel round, it will be interesting to see if this in an isolated issue, or more common.
Castle Douglas itself is a town which seemed to lack much character or pride in itself. I can’t quite put my finger on why.

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