Day 4: Let Us Pray

Day 4
Monday 14 May 2018

Glencaple to Sweetheart Abbey, New Abbey

I was taking in the morning view at Glencaple, as there was a river surge. The incoming tide produces a surge, or is it called a bore, boar? Whatever the name, is was fascinating to watch the wave pass and start to refill the river bed.

Five vans had arrived for the overnight at Glencaple.

I am finding at the moment, that some short distances are working, giving me the time to watch the passing scenery and concentrate on how everything works on the van.

Sweetheart Abbey is in the other side of the river, almost opposite Glencaple, but a 21km drive. The ruined abbey has a car park which welcome motor-homes overnight and there were already three in place when I arrived early afternoon.

I has passed the New Abbey Cornmill on the way in to the village, so took a stroll back to take a tour.

The temptation of the Abbey Cafe provided too strong to resist and an excellent pot of Lapsang Souchong was taken to complete the afternoon.

The fridge doesn’t seem to cool on gas or that much on the 12 volt either. I’ll need to try it again on an electric hook up at the next campsite and see what happens.

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