Day Zero: The Trip of a Lifetime (again)

DAY: Zero
Thursday 10 May 2018

Penrith Town Centre

I’m exhausted before I start.

Yesterday was spent loading a hired van with two thirds of my belongings and transporting them to storage in Carlisle. Today, the rest went in to the storage unit.

Moving a whole house alone is both a daunting task and very tiring. Pulling the double mattress down the stairs and in to the van was perhaps the most ridiculous part. The job is complete, all that is left is to clean the house ahead of leaving for the trip of a lifetime.

Trip of a lifetime – what a well worn cliche. Almost 20 years ago, I was sitting next to a very wise man and friend in an aircraft at Heathow airport, about to fly to the Comoros Island in the Indian Ocean. “This is my trip of a lifetime” said I. “No Nigel“, said my sage, “it is your FIRST trip of a lifetime“.

How right he was. Over the next two decades, I travelled to American Samoa, Mauritius, Rodriquez Island (you may need to look that one up) as well as New Zealand, Hong Kong and betond. I also living for several months, twice, in the Cook Islands in the Pacific.

Tomorrow, I set out on the next trip of a lifetime, driving my 19 year old Hymer Swing motor-home to, who knows where. I won’t make the Cook Islands, but the UK and Europe beckons.

One thing is certain, this is another trip of a lifetime – you are invited to follow me to see what troubles and scrapes I find along the way. Who know, I may even meet you along the way on your one of your Trips of a Lifetime.

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