Crossing Point Cafe

Crossing Point Cafe

Kikby Londsale

A Brit Visited: Sunday 29 April 2018

Sitting on the main square in Kirkby Londsdale, the xxx was open on Sunday and doing good business on a slightly chilly April afternoon.
With around 25 seats, there is a welcoming wood-burning stove in the alcove, with a couple of lounge chairs close by.
The cafe blend their own teas, through Tea Keepers and have a range of half a dozen to choose from.
A pot of tea was £2.50, more than most places in Cumbria. However, we are talking loose leaf tea rather than teabags, but even so, a tad expensive.
Their range of cakes was excellent and portion sizes I saw were good. The banana and caramel cake needed to be sampled and not a crumb remained on my plate.

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