The Lemon Tree Cafe and Bistro – Penrith

The Lemon Tree Cafe & Bistro

A Brit Visited:
Dozens of times
I admit it. This has been my teashop of choice for the 18 months I lived in Penrith.
Although I have now left the town to travel, I can recommend the Lemon Tree Cafe & Bistro when you visit Penrith.
Owners Henry and Helen, plus their team, make visitors welcome and there is an extensive fixed menu and specials board. Situated in Devonshire Arcade, the Lemon Tree is licenced, so if you want a tipple with your lunch, there is choice of red, white and rose wine, plus bottled beers and larger.
Open from 8.30 a.m breakfasts are available. The cafe closed at 5 p.m.
Morning coffee and afternoon tea can come with homemade scones and a range of excellent cakes. A pot of team comes with a hot water top-up, the only place in Penrith I have found that does that.
Seating around sixty, the cafe can be quite busy at times and at others almost deserted.
The Lemon Tree, and indeed the whole of Devonshire Arcade, is closed on Sunday.
I shall be sorry to leave the Lemon Tree as I start my travels, but who knows, I may pop in to Penrith at some point and a pot of tea with that hot water top-up beckons.
Score: 5/5

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