Appleby in Westmoreland – Town Review

Review of the town

A Brit Visited: Saturday, 28 April 2018

Charming former Westmoreland market town set on the River Eden.

If visiting during the day, parking is free, but you do need a parking disc to show the time you arrived. Simply park and pop in to the nearest shop and they will give you one at no cost.

Appley-in-Westmoreland has the oldest continuous local town council in England and the council can trace its heritage back through the centuries.

Every June, the world famous Appleby Horse Fair comes to town. Travellers from all over the UK descend on Appleby, to wash their horses in the river.

At the top of the hill, less than ten minutes walk from the centre, is Appleby Castle. Opening times are limited, but the guided tours are excellent and the guides knowledgeable. Expect not only to see swords, but have the opportunity to handle them too. And yes, they are really heavy.

Parking is free in parts of the town, with some paid for car parks too. If parking in the free spots, then make sure you have an ‘arrived time’disc in the window.

Lunch at the Eden River Cafe.

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